Welcome on our ‘ABOUT US’ page!
Awesome you like to read some more about Fifty Wood.
*and about us, we think.
So about us, we are Léroy and Laura. And we happen to be married to each other.
We also have two cool little boys running around in our house every day. And of course we just love wood. And we love streetwear.
And right because of that Fify Wood was founded.
Fifty Wood came to existance in the summer of 2014.
-Something with a holiday, a beautiful tree and vodka-
And was realized in 2015 by us.
Dutch origin. But with the world at our feet.
*We have sold our products in over 30 countries so far. #proud
And it remains unreal that our passion and dream
is being loved by our fans in continents all over the world.
It’s always awesome to hear from our fans, see their fanpics on social media
and read about their enthusiasm!
Fifty Wood is for many of our fans a brand in which they can be themselves.
Stylish, unique and styled by nature.
Fifty Wood is 50% WOOD and 100% STYLED BY NATURE






We give streetwear a new boost. A boost of nature.
We give it wood.
Why? Wood has great structures and a robust character.
Wood is stylish and wood is cool. Your streetwear deserves this.
The possibilities are endless and we have turned that into our business.
Innovative? Yes. Stylish? Yes.
That’s what we love.
With our love for styling and our passion for wood
we have developed unique streetwear.
Snapbackcaps adapted with the most exclusive types of wood veneer.
Handmade and handpicked by us.
Every cap is unique.
Unique because every tree and every piece of wood is different.
Unique because every cap is made by hand.
New are our baseball and snapback caps with cork.
Cork is harvested from the Cork Oak.
We have added this awesome material to your caps.
See for yourself how that worked out!
Next to that we have stunning wooden
and partial wooden sunglasses in all kind of colors and woodsorts.
They fit perfectly with our snapbackcaps.






So, if you have any questions about Fifty Wood
you can always reach us by email or phone.
There might be a different timezone so if you would like to call..
*remember we live in The Netherlands 😉
Although we work almost 24/7 because we simply love what we do,
we do need some sleep from time to time.
If you want to meet us and our products in real life,
you can stop by our Fifty Wood HQ (That just really sounds awesome!)
But we would appreciate it if you can send an email first.

And did you already found us on Social Media?
We are two very social people so we are also present on Facebook and Instagram.
You can see all kind of pictures and read about the things we do with Fifty Wood.
It seems like our fans like what we do
because we have build up a loyal fanbase on social media.
You can also send us messages there, so yet another way to get in touch with us!
Well, there’s only one thing you need to do now.
Order your own original Fifty Wood,
have a great day and be #styledbynature!
Léroy & Laura
Team Fifty Wood

Meet The Team



The man with the best idea. Innovative.
Loves creating. With a passion for wood.
Making every cap as if it’s his own.
Accidentally married to her.

  • Woodworking
  • Drinking a beer
  • Social Media
  • Enjoying life


The woman with a feeling for marketing. Creative.
Notices possibilities. With a passion for styling.
A real people person.
Accidentally married to him.

  • Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Photography
  • Shopping