Eco Friendly Caps

Save the Rainforest Editions


The special ‘Save the Rain Forest wood veneers’ we use for these special Eco friendly editions are made of slices veneers of very fast growing species like European poplar.

In a special production process the wood is colored, glued en compressed together and sliced again into the thin layers of wood veneer. The effect is that it looks like the different kind of protected tropical wood veneers. But it is just Eco friendly European veneer.

This way we don’t harm the Rain Forests but we can enjoy the beautiful look from its woodsorts! In this process new designs are also made so we can make unique caps with wood in all kind of colors that are normally not findable in nature.

Next to this we also give a donation to nature for every cap sold via Trees for All. We donate to Trees for All so they can plant new trees in our beautiful world.

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