So let us take you back to the moment where a cap couldn’t be just a cap anymore.

It starts where all great ideas start.
Lying down in the middle of a flowery field full of butterflies, underneath a big old oak with impressive branches that seem to reach to the clouds.
-It could also have something to do with an awesome night with a little bit too much vodka.-
But either way, they connected the robust character of wood with our fashion.
With a cap.

It was an adventurous journey that they entered. That’s for sure.

Wood is not the most flexible material you can work with.
But they followed their dream and traveled through time and nations to find the best way to combine the robust wood with a cap.

Craftsmen from a bygone era from before the internet (yes that time has really been there) gave their everything because they knew this was one of the best ideas in woodcrafting for this era.

And after many working days and nights, splinters, good music and a lot of fun it worked.

Every single cap became an original,
because every tree and every piece of wood veneer is.



And that was the moment when a cap turned into a Fifty Wood.
And could never return to be just a cap again.
Different colors were combined with the most exclusive types of wood veneer and cork.
Laser engraved with natures art and art made by people.
Sunglasses were designed with woodsorts from all over the world.
It became an exploring voyage around our globe.

So now their dream is being followed by thousands of fans in continents all over the world.
They ship their caps and sunglasses to more than 30 countries worldwide.
And counting.

Fifty Wood snapback cap kopen pet hout kopen online holz kappe kaufen cap 50 wood
Fifty Wood snapback cap kopen pet hout kopen online holz kappe kaufen cap 50 wood



That couple, that’s us.

And if we could turn just a cap
into a Fifty Wood.
Imagine what you can do.
Now it’s not only our story anymore.
It became yours.

Once upon a time there was a cap.
Now there is Fifty Wood.

Welcome to your new discovery.
Be #styledbynature

Léroy & Laura, team Fifty Wood

Meet The Team



The man with the best idea. Innovative.
Loves creating. With a passion for wood.
Making every cap as if it’s his own.
Accidentally married to her.

  • Woodworking
  • Drinking coffee
  • Social Media
  • Enjoying life


The woman with a feeling for marketing. Creative.
Notices possibilities. With a passion for styling.
A real people person.
Accidentally married to him.

  • Marketing
  • Drinking tea
  • Photography
  • Enjoying life


So, if you have any questions about Fifty Wood
you can always reach us by email or phone.

Phone: 0031 6 222 49 555


There might be a different timezone so if you would like to call..
*remember we live in The Netherlands ?
Although we work almost 24/7 because we simply love what we do, we do need some sleep from time to time.
If you want to meet us and our products in real life, you can stop by our Fifty Wood HQ. 
But we would appreciate it if you can send an email first.

Did you already found us on Social Media?
Fifty Wood is also on Facebook and Instagram!



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