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Trees for all

We make our caps with nature’s wood. For every cap sold we give a donation to nature so new trees can be planted. We plant trees through Trees for All on our project in the Philippines. In the Philippines, Trees for All works on the flanks of the inactive volcano Mount Malindang to recovery and protection of the forest.

Already in 1971, Mount Malindang because of ecological wealth declared as a national park and in 2002 the area was additionally appointed protected zone. The forest, high on the slopes of the volcano, has a high biodiversity and is the Habitat for a number of animal species that occurs only in the Philippines.

The project at Mount Malindang sends to the preservation of nature and improves the living conditions of the local population. The former deforestation has led to large scale erosion, floods and mudslides, where agriculture in the lower areas suffer from. In the project of Trees for All the locals grow forests and assists in the plant out. They protect the forest and collecting seeds, fruit, nuts and other products like bamboo stems, while leaving nature untouched. The project will provide additional employment for those affected. A number of young people have a scholarship for forestry education thanks to the project. These young people are now working within the project and put their accumulated knowledge back into the project.

Did you know

Per 10 caps sold we plant a tree on our project
20% of the planted forest is users forest
80% of the planted forest is protected
256 hectares of forest is planted in 5 years
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